Mom Life

Mom Life

I’m sitting here with what seems like 25 thousand projects on the go and no goals or timeline as to when I will complete any of these projects. Ever feel that way?

I am a mother of four, wife, daughter, sister, writer and also work outside the home, currently as a Funeral Director’s assistant and I also have direct sales businesses. I say “currently” because, in the past I have been notorious for having a very diverse resume. I didn’t change jobs because I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, but rather, because I am forever wanting to learn something new. Some might say, I am forever looking for new material for my next book, but honestly, I only discovered my passion and love for writing, in the last few years.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read my first 2 books, please check them out, Willow’s Ridge and Country Hearts.

So my questions to myself are, where do I start? Do I focus on family, marriage, work, businesses, or writing? Do I try and split my time evenly each day between all of it? Do I focus my attention on one task per day? Or, do I keep trucking through, taking it one day at a time and see what needs my attention most urgently? I feel that no matter which way I chose, something will always have to take a back burner. How do I accomplish anything at 100% capacity when my attention is divided? Is it possible to complete a task successfully and with the quality I strive for, even while splitting myself in 20 different ways?

I am left to ponder these questions on a daily basis as I feel like I have done so many things throughout my day, but somehow also feel like I have accomplished so little. Is this what motherhood is supposed to look like? Having to juggle all the time?

Today I did some necessary running around, visited with my brother and his family, which was overdue, started cleaning out a storage trailer I recently sold, and spent time with my girls. The time I spent with them was worth all the unfinished tasks I set aside. Being able to bond over manicures and Anne with an E, was the perfect end to another crazy day.

I guess to answer my questions is, Start at the beginning. Do the best you can with what you have. Make a list and check things off so you can physically see that YES you are completing tasks, even when it doesn’t feel like you are. Family ALWAYS comes first, keep then as #1 priority. Know your potential and that even if you are split in 20 different ways, you are a woman, a mom and have superpowers that too many women don’t realize they possess, so YES, you CAN do it all, it might just take you a little longer than you’d like. And through it all, SMILE!


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