Mom of an Anxious Child

Mom of an Anxious Child

I have a beautiful 9 year daughter who is bubbly and smart and full of life. She is normally a fun loving, and happy child. I say ‘normally’ because sometimes she acts as if someone has taken over her little mind and body and she is almost unrecognizable.

My snuggle-bug suffers from anxiety, which for years she hid quite well. Three years ago my two girls were involved in a bus roll-over. Thank goodness they were not seriously, physically hurt, but it triggered my oldest daughter’s anxiety in ways I could have never imagined. In the beginning, she developed a severe fear of drowning. Rain would send her into fits of hysterics, fearing our home would flood. Once we worked through those fears, they were replaced by tantrums when she feels disappointed. When I say tantrums, I mean, we go from 0-100 in 1 sec. One minute she is happy and having a wonderful time and a second later, she is stomping to her room screaming about all the things that are unfair. She has taken a liking to slamming her door during these episodes too, which is a delight to the rest of the family (insert eyeroll).

I am always amazed at how different anxiety looks to each individual. In this house, 3 out of the six members of our family suffer from this sometimes debilitating disorder. Not one of them presents the same and each requires different technics to de-escalate the anxiety. I know my family isn’t alone in this battle. I hear new stories from others about ‘how anxiety affects each family’.

Slowly but surely we are learning better coping skills. We are far from allowing this to control our lives. One day at a time, and prayers for an easier tomorrow.

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