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I fell in love with Country Hearts!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 4, 2022

This was a roller coaster of emotions that turned from devastating to wonderfully gushing sweetness. I loved how we not only got Jenny’s POV, but Sam’s as well, as we could read how he fell in love with not only Jenny, but her beautiful as well, which as a once single mum, really touched my heart. I loved each character, yes even the wretched mother-in-law as she was a character that I loved to hate. I wish that Sam was real, because he was soooooo sexy when I imagined him based on the author’s writing. Even though I know that this book is written by the same author of Willow’s Ridge, I was genuinely surprised with how different the themes and writing styles were, which really showed an evolution of writing. I am so happy to have this book as part of my collection!


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